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EMC Forum 2014

Oslo  |  21 oktober 2014
Redefiner IT og business til en softwaredefinert virksomhet - Bli med på EMC Forum



Møt andre IT-ansvarlige på EMC Forum. Den faglig agendaen dekker trender, kundecaser og nyttige diskusjoner. Bygg ditt nettverk med kolleger og EMC eksperter. Deltagelse på EMC Forum er en god investering.

EMC Forum EMEA 2014

Opplev engasjementet på EMC Forum – én-dags konferansen som hjelper deg å redefinere IT og transformere til en software-definert virksomhet.

Event Date & Location

Venue & Cost:Gamle Astrup Fearnley Museum, GRATIS
Address:Dronningens gate 4, Oslo


Monday, 15 July

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Registration, Partner Exhibits and EMC Demo Center

Welcome and Keynote

Break, Partner Exhibits and EMC Demo Center

Lead Your Cloud Transformation

John DoeVMware

A typical IT department spends an unsustainable 70% of its budget on maintenance, with little room for innovation. IT has reached a tipping point, but toward what? The Software-Defined Data Center. Join us for an inside look at this next generation of IT architecture, and the transformative steps necessary to deliver ITaaS.

Blue Label

Next Generation EMC: Lead Your Storage Transformation

Jane DoeEMC

EMC is building the future of storage solutions for cloud, virtualization, files, and applications. Join us for an inside look at EMC’s comprehensive storage portfolio, including our next generation VMAX, VNX, and Isilon platforms, Software-Defined Storage, and the Xtrem family of flash technologies that are driving the next generation of cloud computing.

Green Label

Change The Game With EMC Backup and Archive

Jim DoeCompany

The game is changing. Backup and archive are no longer just defensive tactics; they are offensive strategies that accelerate business. You need the right game plan to meet today’s requirements and evolve for what’s next. This session will map EMC’s backup and archive strategy and explain how products like Avamar, Data Domain, NetWorker, and Mozy will keep you ahead of the game.

Trust: the Leading Edge of Cloud and Big Data

Jill DoeCompany

Learn how to increase trust in Cloud Infrastructure and Big Data with leading edge innovations in three areas: continuous availability and backup, advanced security and active governance. Avoid disaster by reducing critical single points of failure. Halt the latest advanced threats with new intelligence-based security analytics. Reduce audit pain and avoid fines by streamlining GRC.

Big Data Transforms Business: the Path to New Business Value

Jack DoePivotal

Big Data transforms business, but how? Learn how to get started with Big Data in this big picture session covering both business and technology aspects of the industry’s hottest trend. The new data world runs on applications accessible around the clock from any device. To provide data at speed and scale requires a multi-tiered data strategy combining in-memory data management with a peta-scale database for deep analysis. Included is an overview of EMC's Pivotal platform, Isilon scale-out storage, Greenplum analytics, and data science.

EMC Mainframe Overview

Jen DoeCompany

EMC has expanded its mainframe portfolio in the past few years. This session will cover the many enhancements that have been delivered for 2013 from the Backup and Recovery Systems Division and the Enterprise Storage Division and will include zLinux and all related enhancements.

Break, Partner Exhibits and EMC Demo Center

Orange Label

Three Paths To The Cloud: Choice Without Complexity

Jane DoeCompany

You can fight data center cost and complexity with virtualization and the cloud, but what’s the best approach for you? Learn about choice without complexity through best-of-breed EMC components, EMC VSPEX reference architectures that combine compute, network, storage, virtualization, and data protection, or with converged infrastructures in VCE Vblock Systems.

Transformation: Virtualizing Your Business Critical Applications

Jim DoeCompany

To virtualize Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and other business critical applications requires infrastructure design and deployment that maximizes performance and efficiency of application owners and storage administrators. This session will review EMC best practices and use cases for virtualizing business critical applications, with lessons from customers and EMC’s global IT organization.

ViPR - Software Defined Storage

Jill DoeCompany

VPLEX Continuous Availability

Jack DoeCompany

Next Generation Unified Storage: VNX Re-defines Midrange Price/Performance

Jen DoeCompany

Experiences with FAST VP in a Main­frame Environment

John DoeCompany

Lunch, Partner Exhibits and EMC Demo Center

Get To The Data Center of the Future

Jill Doe, VMwareCompany

VCE Vblock Systems: The Leading Converged Infrastructure

Jack DoeVCE

Transforming the Data Center

Jen Doe, CiscoCisco
Purple Label

Transformation is Underway. Is your network ready?

John Doe, BrocadeBrocade
Yellow Label

Managing Storage Today and in the Software Defined Datacenter of the Future

Jane DoeEMC

DLM Update: Taking Major Market Share in the Mainframe Tape Business

Jim DoeEMC

Break, Partner Exhibits and EMC Demo Center

EMC VSPEX: Proven Infrastructure That Is Simple, Efficient, And Flexible

Jim DoeCompany

Redefine the Possible with Flash Technology

Jill DoeCompany

Backup Built for Virtual Environment

Jack DoeCompany

Isilon Scale-Out NAS for Enterprise Big Data and Hadoop

Jen DoeCompany

Joining Forces: Bringing Big Data to Your Security Team

John DoeCompany

Mainframe Engineering Roadmap & Roundtable

Jane DoeCompany

Raffle & Reception

8:30 PM

Forum After Party @ Providence Sponsored by Brocade, FusionStorm and Presidio




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Hvordan redefinerer programvare datasenteret og forretningsmodeller over hele verden. Delta på EMC Forum og bli med på utviklingen.

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